The Conference

The conference “Institutions, Politics, Performance” seeks to bring together interdisciplinary theoretical discourses on politics and artistic production that explicitly negotiate with institutions through experimental praxes from within and beyond them. The conference will take place in occupied Green Park space in Athens, Greece and presentations will explore the theme through conventional and non-conventional investigations. This conference will include paper presentations, lecture-performances, workshops, dialogues, round-table discussions as well as less conventional informal discussions and events, performative acts, city walks and screenings.

The conference will take place in Athens, Greece where, currently, the ongoing economic and social crises as well as recent governmental shifts make the question of institutions particularly pertinent. We seek to bring together into conversation diverse approaches and methodologies of institutional critique, past and present, as well as propositions for new forms and alternative practices.

Keynote Speakers: Athena Athanasiou, Denise Ferreira Da Silva, Stefano Harney, Alexandros Kioupkiolis, Bojana Kunst, Isabel Lorey, Alan Read, Gerald Raunig, Vassilis Tsianos